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The publishing platform for Bitcoin. Create, curate and earn from your ideas and interests.


The simplest way to let your users fund data transactions in your BSV app.

TLDR That!

The best content is short content. Get paid for creating short summaries of online content.

Shfty Nfts

Turn any text or file into a secure, private token you can save, send, or sell.



R.I.P 2019-2020

The original "put anything on-chain site". Stored text and files on-chain with the swipe of a button.


R.I.P 2019-2020

Bitcoin-powered music sharing site for independent producers, podcasters and DJs.

Open source

Tools for building a better Internet on Bitcoin…

Modern Bitcoin transaction builder, capable of supporting any non-standard and custom script type.

JavaScript and Elixir libraries for converting between Bitcoin transaction serialisation formats.

Universal schema for data serialisation, signing and encryption.

Elixir client for Handcash Connect. Build blazing fast Bitcoin apps with Elixir in hours.

Crawl and subscribe to Bitcoin transaction event using Bitbus, Bitsocket and BitFS.

Elixir client for interfacing with Bitcoin miner merchant APIs.

Store Bitcoin transactions in your application's database with searchable and filterable semantic metadata.

General purpose library for building Bitcoin SV applications in Elixir.

An unofficial Vue.js component for Money Button.

Operate is a toolset to help developers build applications, games and services on top of Bitcoin (SV).



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